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Our users and the press explain how Appraisers Paradise is changing the business of narrative appraisal report writing. 

"My client feedback has been good"

"The conversion to Appraiser's Paradise was smooth and we have 40 appraisals and proposals in the AP system.  I tried two other narrative software solutions before Appraiser's Paradise and finally found what I was looking for!"

T. James Cooksey, MAI, CCIM
Cooksey Associates
Ormand Beach, FL


"Our productivity has at least tripled"

I just wanted to say thanks so much for always being responsive to my questions, which thanks to all your hard work, are few and far between.  Since we started using your software, our productivity has at least tripled.  The new integrated Excel Comps sheet is the real timesaver.  Enter the comps data once and it populates just where you need it, making analysis easy.  The USPAP factor is one of the biggest timesavers because we just don't have time or make time to keep up with changes and implement those changes to our reports...now, you do it all for us.

Juan Laos
Real Property Valuation Services, Inc.
Lafayette, CA


"USPAP requirements up to date... any experience level would benefit"

Yes indeed, we do think it's a great product.  Our Appraiser's like AP for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below:
1.  Once the AP process becomes comfortable to the appraiser it definitely saves them time.  And as we all know in the appraisal business:  time = money!
2.  The canned interview process helps you to stay focused and organized.
3.  Appraisers Paradise keeps the USPAP requirements up to date (which is virtually impossible for most normal Appraiser's.....or any human being for that matter).  This aspect alone makes it worthwhile. 
4.  The canned information is invaluable e.g. standard wording for limiting conditions, spreadsheets for sales and rental comps, etc.
5.  AP keeps an appraiser moving in the right direction.  Although AP may be most valuable to a new appraiser (who has not yet established their own formats) I would think an appraiser of any experience level would benefit by using the AP software. 

Dan Knapp, MAI
Priority Elite Appraisal Services


"I don't have time... it came already set up"

Appraiser's Paradise has worked well and I'm very pleased.  My practice is small so I don't have time for a lot of set up and office procedures.  The fact that it came already set up with most of the text I need made it easy to get started.  I own another report software product but I never had the time to set up all the templates that were needed to make it work.   

Staying up to date is important to me which is why I like that fact that Appraisers Paradise is web based.  Updated USPAP language and product features are added regularly without any effort on my part.  I have steadily added my own specialty language to my library as well.


Thanks for a fine product and for responding to my questions quickly.


Herald Haskell, MAI, SRA

Haskell Real Estate Analysis, Inc



"complete his first narrative report... on his very first day"

Appraiser's Paradise is very intuitive and easy to use.  An experienced residential appraiser, new to our firm, was able to complete his first narrative report for a small neighborhood commercial property on his very first day.

Joe "Mags" Magdziarz, MAI, SRA
Appraisal Research Inc., Rockford Illinois
International Instructor for the Appraisal Institute


"saves me 25% (or more) of the time I used to spend writing"

Appraiser's Paradise easily saves me 25% (or more) of the time I used to spend writing reports.  Paradise's USPAP compliance lets me worry about other parts of the report, which I can customize any way I see fit.  My clients have commented how much they like the way my reports look and flow.  The spreadsheets are excellent tools as well.

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